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Friday, August 10, 2012

The 'Get Back To Blogging' Design Event!

The days are getting shorter and summer is flying by!  The kiddies are getting new backpacks filled with new school supplies and new beautiful wardrobes ... and they're getting all set to head back to school.

Freedom is just around the corner!!  Before you know it you'll have your time back to yourself ... and you'll be able to get back to blogging!  Yeay!

Let's celebrate with the 'Get Back To Blogging' Design Event!

Yes ... You too deserve something new!  How about a new blog design?!  And I'm having a super sale to make it even more fun! For a limited time, I'm offering a selection of Pre-Made Designs with an All-Inclusive Accessory Pack!!

My mother always taught me about the importance of ACCESSORIZING! And now I LOVE accessories!  I especially LOVE when they're FREE!!

With the 'Get Back To Blogging' Design Event, you can get $180 in Blog Design Accessories ... for only $50!  WOW!! 

Included in this sale is everything you need for a ROCKIN' blog ... and even to extend your blog design into your SOCIAL NETWORKS! Everything you need is included:
  • Complete blog design (with personalization and installation is done by MommyBlogDesigns)
  • Navigation menu bar
  • Blog Button with grab code (this can also be used as your profile picture)
  • Favicon
  • Post signature
  • 5 social media buttons
AND ... if you tweet & post about this sale accross your networks, I'm happy to also include co-ordinating social items too!
  • Twitter background
  • Facebook Cover photo
  • Google+ Cover photo
  • I'll even include an Etsy banner!
See ... I told ya!  Absolutely everything needed to ROCK YOUR BLOG is included in this sale!!  And it's at a fantastic price!

How does the 'Get Back To Blogging' Design Event Work?

You have 2 ordering options with this sale:

1.  You can order just the design by itself for $89  ... OR ...
2.  You can order the design (still $89) PLUS get the All Inclusive Accessory Pack (valued at $180) for only $50!

NOTE:  It's really up to you (and your budget) which one you choose.  The first option gives you just the basic design.  It's still super pretty ... but it's just the design.  It's when you add the accessory pack that you get all the 'EXTRAS and GOODIES'. 

After you complete your order, I'll then get in touch with you with a questionnaire to personalize your design.  Once I have all your design elements ready to go, I'll install your design for you on your blog.  Depending on my workload, I will probably get your new design up with in 1-2 business days.

So ... The kiddies are getting all their new school supplies ... and now it's your turn!  It's your turn for a new blog design!

Want to check out all the other designs available in this promotion?  Check them all out at >>

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